By Lisa Renee Feb 15, 2023

Thanks for stopping by!

As you can see, this is a brand new site. I will be adding blog posts once each week on topics that deal with health and wellness for mostly women over 50. However, anyone will benefit from my postings, so don’t let that keep you from reading if you’re a man, or a woman under 50.

I am definitely not the best writer, but I have tons of experience and wisdom to share. I must reach as many as I can. It’s my purpose! Having lived 60 years as of this writing, I’ve learned alot when it comes to recognizing that health, fitness, and a (mostly) pain-free life is available to everyone. No matter how old, how out of shape, nor how bad you feel! Period!

Please come back often as I will be improving on this websites offerings, postings, pages, review, etc.

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Oh, and I’m tying everything together as I started on YouTube about a year ago. Check out that channel HERE.

Love and big hug,

Lisa Renee



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