Your Life Cannot Go Forward if your Mind Goes Backward ~ Joyce Meyer

If you are feeling blue or in a funk, I guarantee your mind is getting stuck in the past. You probably keep thinking about how bad someone treated you. Or perhaps you’re stuck thinking about your past regrets or wrongs you have committed.

Whatever it is you feel stuck.

I’ve got a tactic that will insure you either get out of that mindset quickly or perhaps never get into one like that again. I heard it as a clip in a YouTube motivational video that had several different speakers, but didn’t catch his name. This will involve you doing these 4 things EVERY day:

  1. No More Zero Days
  2. Be Grateful to the 3 You’s
  3. Forgive Yourself
  4. Exercise and Read Books

I actually created a 2 minute YouTube on this topic if you want to take a listen; it’s below this post.

So what do these 4 steps involve? Let me explain (it’s in the vid, too).

No more zero days means never having a day that you are not doing something for your future goals. And if you don’t have goals you need to get some! What can you do today that moves you toward your goals? For me it’s creating something for my online presence: this post, a YouTube vid, Facebook posts, sending emails, etc.

Be grateful for the past you. It was a learning experience and has helped to create the present you. Be grateful for the present you. You are a spiritual being having this wonderful human experience. And 3rd, be grateful for the future you. Future you is going the 2.0 version, the improved version having an even more fabulous life experience.

#3 states you must forgive yourself EVERY day. We all make mistakes, say the wrong things, hurt others, or maybe tend to use negative thoughts in our daily lives. Forgive yourself, apologize if necessary, and let it go. You’ve got more important things to do today.

Finally, you MUST exercise each day and read something positive. Move your body. Stop sitting so much. the body needs movement. Pick what you like to do and do it for at least 20-30 minutes EVERY day. Preferable twice a day. And read at least 10 pages of a positive book each day. Something motivational or self-improvment-type book. Sci-fi or romance novels don’t count.

I’ve incorporated the 4 steps to help propel me forward. It’s almost like it has pumped adrenaline into my veins as I achieve each of these forward moving actions!

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